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Graphite 0.9.12 available

A new Graphite version has been released.
Just look at the number of bugfixes  and new features.

This is the last major update of 0.9.x branch.

Next major release will be 0.10.x, it will get megacarbon branch merged into trunk.

Another important feature I'd love to see in Graphite - it is carbon relay performance improvement.



This is a patch release to fix a couple of critical regressions that made it into 0.9.11:

  • Usage of django.utils.timezone breaks Django 1.3 compatibility
  • Missing import in graphite.util breaks cache-queries

Source bundles are available from GitHub:



New Features


  • Properly return an HTTP 400 on missing query parameter in metrics/search endpoint (dieterbe)
  • cumulative() is now superceded by consolidateBy() which supports min/max/avg/sum (nleskiw)
  • Make graphlot target host configurable for easier embedding (dieterbe)
  • Allow graphlot graphs to be embedded for use in dashboard apps (dieterbe)
  • When wildcarding, prefer matching metric files to directories with the same name (tmm1)
  • New header design and css cleanups (obfuscurity)
  • New composer button to open the target in graphlot (magec)
  • timeshift() can now shift beyond current time, allowing better current-over-week charts (mgb)
  • Unit scaling added to cactiStyle (drawks)
  • Support RRD files in index.json view (obfuscurity)
  • Support for alternate target[] url syntax (luxflux)
  • New countSeries() function which returns the cardinality of a wildcard (obfuscurity)
  • Bootstrap data for movingAverage and movingMedian (seveas)
  • movingAverage and movingMedian now optionally take time periods to specify window size (danielbeardsley)
  • jsonp support in events/get_data (gingerlime)
  • Ace editor for manually editing dashboard json (jordanlewis)
  • New stddevSeries(), timeStack() functions (windbender)
  • Remove ugly graph image background in dashboard (frejsoya)
  • y-axis divisors for determining y-axis scale are now configurable (wfarr)
  • Allow any characters in axis labels
  • Target grammar now supports scientific notation for numbers
  • New identity() function (dieterbe)
  • Update default color scheme (obfuscurity)
  • Dont blow up on permissions errors while walking directories (log instead)
  • Encourage users to set SECRET_KEY uniquely with a warning


  • Improvements to setup.py rpm generation and basic init scripts (bmhatfield)
  • Allow alternate update rate at shutdown (Daniel314)
  • Add support for new fallocate() allocation method in Whisper (slackhappy)
  • Improvements to noisy logging (nleskiw, drawks)
  • Protect against writes outside the storage tree
  • Performance fixes to rate limiting, removal of unnecessary locks (drawks)
  • Alternate write strategies for carbon-cache (max size, random) (drawks)
  • carbon-aggregator aware consistent-hashing for carbon-relay (slackhappy)
  • Allow custom umask to be passsed to twisted at startup (egnyte)
  • New options WRITE_BACK_FREQUENCY to control frequency of partially-aggregated output (jdanbrown)
  • Improve consistent-hashing performance when replication factor is 1 (slackhappy)
  • Various code cleanups (sejeff)
  • Allow a timestamp of -1 to be sent to aggregator to set to current time (gwillem)
  • Allow log rotation to be handled by an external process (justinvenus)
  • min/max aggregation methods are now supported (ishiro)


  • Better commandline sanity checking and messaging (sejeff)
  • Handle SIGPIPE correctly in commandline utils (sejeff)
  • Option to intelligently aggregate values on whisper-resize (jens-rantil)
  • Use more efficient max() instead of sorted()[-1] (ryepup)
  • Add fallocate() support (slackhappy)
  • Improve handling of exceptional fetch cases (dieterbe)
  • Improve rrd2whisper’s handling of rrd files
  • Improve error messaging on retention errors at create time (lambdafu)

Bug fixes


  • broken nPercentile() and related functions
  • Python 2.4 compatibility in browser endpoint (dcarley)
  • Missing URL parameters in composer load
  • Fix to multiplySeries to return the expected type (nleskiw)
  • Don’t blow up when empty series passed to cactiStyle (mattus)
  • Trailing commas in js breaking ie (nleskiw, davecoutts)
  • Remove extra and unnecessary rendering while loading saved graphs (hostedgraphite)
  • Broken entry of timezone in composer menu (hcchu)
  • constantLine() not drawing across the entire graph (mattsn0w)
  • SVG rendering broken when using secondYAxis (obfuscurity)
  • Expect url-encoded octothorpes in colorList (magec)
  • Display relative times properly in dashboard (daveconcannon)
  • cactiStyle() blows up with empty series (eranrund)
  • Remove problemmatic and unnecessary url encoding
  • Several pathExpressions missing which caused trouble in certain function combinations (dieterbe,colby,kovyrin)
  • Use non-linux-specific datetime formatter %I instead of %l (richg)
  • Use os.sep properly for path separation (justinc)
  • Negative numbers not allowed in yAxis input box
  • scale() misreports itself in legend when using small decimals
  • colorList incorrectly cast to an int in some cases (rckclmbr)
  • removeBelow* menu items adding the wrong functions to target list (harveyzh)
  • nPercentile renders it’s name incorrectly (TimZehta)
  • CSV rendering does not respect tz parameter
  • Missing max interval in xAxisConfigs causes long-term graphs with few points to render with a 12hr axis config
  • Stacked graphs not filling completely in staircase mode
  • Stacked graphs and many drawAsInfinite() lines do not draw cleanly
  • Graphlot does not handle event timestamps properly (matthew keller)
  • sin() time() and randomWalk() incorrectly using float times (jbrucenet)
  • legend height is incorrect when secondYAxis used (obfuscurity)
  • Expanded wildcards in legends are misordered (dieterbe)
  • Regression in formatPathExpression (jeblair)
  • index.json returns leading periods when WHISPER_DIR does not endin a trailing slash (bitprophet)
  • Regression in areaMode=all causes only the last series to be filled (piotr1212)
  • Default to settings.TIMEZONE if timezone unknown (gingerlime)
  • Negative filled graphs render from bottom rather than 0 (piotr1212)
  • Composer and Dashboard XSS fixes (jwheare, sejeff)
  • Fix persistence of tz aware datetime in non-postgres databases
  • Fix insecure deserialization of pickled objects (CVE-2013-5093)
  • Lots of documentation improvement (jeblair,bclermont,lensen,cbliard,hvnsweeting)


  • Empty lines match everything in whitelist (gographs)
  • Storage-schemas dont auto reload when they should
  • Carbon-relay per-destination metrics are broken
  • Regression in MAX_CREATES_PER_MINUTE where values >60 were set to 0 (jeblair)
  • Memory leak in carbon-aggregator in certain cases (lbosson)
  • Python2.4 compatibility in AMQP send/receive (justinvenus)
  • Cache/queue sizes are misreported (bitprophet)
  • NaN values shouldn’t be passed through from amqp (llaurent)


  • Python2.4 compatibility for whisper-dump.py (snore)
  • Correct filtering of duplicate values to ensure last-write-wins

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